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Out in LA, the town has been abuzz for weeks with awards shows but none is as respected or as anticipated as the Oscars.  Although most of us will be watching the stars strut the red carpet from the comfort of our own homes, there is no reason we can’t be watching with skin as dewy and glowy as theirs!  Do as the A-listers do and book a facial.

Dee Bartolo is our secret weapon (as well as several stars you’ll see on the carpet).  Although her basic facial does the trick the latest tool in her arsenal ?  Snail secretion!  That’s right.  Dee says, “Tensage products are based on a specific snail secretion (from Spain) which has a high repair index that rejuvenates the skin, as well as calms inflammation.  Think of a snail’s skin, which as they crawl along is subjected to all kinds of hazards- burning hot concrete, glass, etc. They have the ability to heal and rejuvenate the burn or cut in a very short period of time. Just like us. Think of the saliva enzymes which quickly heal any cuts inside of our mouths with no visible scarring!  A miracle.”  Dee now incorporates Tensage products in her treatments and we love the results of brighter, tighter and younger skin!

Dee can be reached at: 310-871-0108.

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Geri G. believes that good skin starts from the inside out.  That doesn’t mean that one of her thorough facials supplemented by oxygen and light therapy can’t leave your skin looking radiant!  She also has just launched her own line of cosmetics that are actually good for your skin.  After years as a make-up artist, Geri was discouraged by the make-up on the market that would actually clog pores and lead to breakouts.  Her new line promises to illuminate the skin and help us radiate our healthy, natural beauty!

Geri can be reached via her website.

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