Harbour Island, Bahamas

Harbour Island is a tiny island reached by water taxi from another tiny island that a tiny planes flies into.  Needless to say it is remote.  Which most great places are these days.  We used to come to Harbour Island when we were little girls with our family and when we returned in our late teens, it was even more perfect than we remembered.  So perfect in fact, that Mary chose to have her wedding here in 2007 which was an excellent  combination of laid back beachiness, rum inspired fun and Bahamian sophistication.  One of the most beautiful white powdery sand beaches, with just a hint of pale pink, that stretches for miles and miles with turquoise water that is crystal clear and free from anything you might not want to step on—is enough to make Harbour Island a destination worth traveling all day to get to.  The beach and water are just two of it’s many charms, however.  The town is picturesque with brightly painted clapboard cottages lining narrow lanes that golf carts and the rare car zip down.  Roosters and wild horses make up some of the other island traffic.  Don’t let the remote, modernized Robinson Crusoe vibe fool you though, there are actually some pretty swishy places on the island to enjoy Goombay Smashes (the local rum drink) and amazing conch dishes.  Harbour Island’s star has risen a bit recently due to some publicity surrounding India Hicks, a model, entrepreneur and Prince Charles’ cousin, who is a proud local on the island.  The island has also attracted nearly every A list celebrity which is glamorous, but anyone who loves Harbour Island hopes it won’t go to it’s head and spoil the unfussy, unspoiled nature of the island.

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Queen Conch
The pink shack right next to Governor’s Dock, this is the best cracked conch and conch fritters ever!!

Dunmore Deli
The only gourmet deli on the island.  Delicious sandwiches to eat on the porch or take to the beach.  Limited upscale groceries.  Patrick can also cater parties very adeptly.

Sip Sip
Hard to miss this large acid green house right on the beach.  This is the spot for lunch for tourists and locals alike.  Delicious lobster salad amongst other traditional items executed with an international twist and fruity cocktails.  Wander up straight off the beach.

The Landing

This is our favorite dinner spot on the island.  The intimate red bar is an elegant yet cozy setting for a before and after dinner drink and the food in the restaurant is outstanding.  The Landing also has several rooms, and although the hotel is on the harbor side which can be warmer, they have a small pool and chairs at the beach just a short walk or golf cart ride away.



The Dunmore

We love this small 16 room hotel that has just reopened after a massive renovation, right on the beach—it was the setting for Mary’s wedding reception!  A pool, full restaurant and chic beachy interiors make the Dunmore a favorite with a loyal clientele.

Ocean View Club
A more bohemian feel – stay in one of the little cottages on the property.  We love “Mayonnaise.”

Brialand Real Estate
We often rent houses as it is more economical with a group and there are so many fabulous ones to choose from.


Bring cash as sometimes the lines go down and credit card machines and the one ATM are out of service.  That being said, keep your cash and other valuables in a safe as sadly there is theft on this little island paradise.

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  1. Cinnamon Brunmier-Keller

    I can’t believe you also went to Harbour Island!!!! I went there back in 1999! I’m so happy to hear that The Landing is still there. I had heard it may have suffered in some of the intense storms that hit the Bahamas in the past 13 years. My friend, Suzanne, and I went to the Landing no less than 5 times during our stay. I love the owners so much & it was the first place I ever had a Caipirinha (made with fresh limes from their backyard). I miss those peaceful pink sand beaches. (from Cinnamon)

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