One of our favorite breakfasts when we’re on the go during the week is a smoothie.  We toss in lots of frozen and fresh fruit, protein powder, flax seed oil, keifer and almond milk, blend and enjoy.  We find we have a lot of energy and stay full for a long time after a big smoothie…. Here is our recipe.

Firestone Sister Smoothie

fruit smoothie

a handful of ice

about a cup of frozen berries (whatever you love- be sure they’re organic)

half a banana

a cup of lowfat vanilla almond milk

a squeeze of flax seed oil

about a half cup of lowfat Keifer (like yogurt but with tons of protein)

a heaping scoop of Protein Powder- Whole Foods sells a brand we like called Biochem whey protein powder

you may want to top off with a little water

Blend away and enjoy!

We feel good starting the day out on a healthy foot!  Always on the look out for things to add to our smoothies to up the health factor without compromising tastiness, we have investigated the ingredients in the “Fat Burner” smoothie at one of our favorite restaurants in town.

Here’s their recipe…

Fat Burner Smoothie

fat burning smoothie

Lecithin– a fat emulsifier that you can add in powder form.  Worth a try!

L – Carnitine– an amino acid that helps transform fatty acids into muscle

Supergreens – a supplement chock full of green vegetables, grasses and grains to help keep the body alkaline.

one banana

apple juice


They do taste good, so if these added ingredients do what they say, it’s rather sweet “medicine.”

Who has a smoothie recipe they love?  Anything else we should be adding?